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Fukushima Typhoon Wipha

Fukushima Typhoon Wipha

Update 10/11/2013: Fukushima typhoon Wipha has turned and spared Fukushima the brunt of its force. However, the risks remain. The facility still needs to be secured against future impacts.

Radiation Risks Of Fukushima Typhoon Wipha

The Fukushima typhoon brings wind and water. Given the latest developments at Fukushima Dai-Ichi, this is an emergency. Why?

According to recent reports, it is likely that reactors #1, #2 and #3 have gone into full meltdown and breached containment. TEPCO has been flooding the area with water and the radioactive water has been leaking out to sea. The whole complex has become a marsh. Some even speculate that the corium is following the ancient riverbed the complex was built upon and is causing the coastal waters to boil with radioactive steam.

In the previous storm thousands of gallons of radioactive water found their way into the ocean.

Fukushima Typhoon Wipha Worst-Case Scenario

Unfortunately the situation at spent fuel pool #4 remains. The onset of Fukushima typhoon Wipha puts the structure at risk. The storm surge further saturates the soil and destabilizes the foundation.

TEPCO has been pretending the situation is under control in order to save face. The truth is that the situation is out of control, has been since the beginning and continues to worsen.

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