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Top Energy Exec Says: Kill Nuclear Power Before It Kills Us

Top energy executive, former head of the Tennessee Valley Authority, S. David Freeman, speaks out on why massive cost overruns forced him to shut down many nuclear reactors being built in Tennessee. He shows how rather than being “too cheap to meter” that instead it is one of the most expensive forms of energy when the true costs are taken into account.

He briefly discusses why industry insiders are blind to the potential harm and how we as Americans deal with the guilt of nuclear weapons by justifying it with nuclear power, and how the politicians are fooled.

He also discusses how the industry rhetoric about “improved technology” simply goes to show that the existing reactors are breaking down, and how the industry depends on a disposal program that never happened. Essentially, nuclear waste or “product” (as the industry refers to it) has been piling up since 1945 and it is only a matter of time before it kills us, unless we deal with it.


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