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Atomic Testing


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    2 comments to Atomic Testing

    • Frankly I would like to see the end of fission driven nuclear power and as well as fusion and fission bombs. Nature has dealt us a big choice. We evolved under a sun that produces almost all its energy from fusion of four Hydrogen atoms into two Helium atoms. Our beautiful blue green planet is powered by the equivalent of approximately 100 000 hydrogen bombs (fusion bombs) every second.
      Controled fusion may produce energy with almost no radioactive waste. On the other hand we will have to take our chances with fission (all we have now energy plants) to avoid the worst of climate change.
      Let’s kill fossil fuels so we do not have to do that.

    • One very promising new technology is the Liquid Thorium Thorium reactor. It uses fission, but does not produce the Plutonium by-products that the current Trans-Uranic fission reactors do. In fact, a bit of Plutonium tossed into the mix gets burned up in the reaction. Much safer and more efficient since the temperature coefficients are far less extreme and shutdown is easy. http://energyfromthorium.com/

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