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Nuclear Power Is Not The Answer

Nuclear Power Is Not The Answer by Dr. Helen Caldicott

[Publisher: The New Press (2006); ISBN: 978-1-59558-067-2 | Melbourne University Press (2006): ISBN 0522-85251-3]

A long time advocate of abandoning the nuclear arms race, Dr. Helen Caldicott turns her attention to busting the myths regarding the so-called peaceful uses of atomic energy for power generation. Bringing a physician’s care and attention to bear on the real economic and health costs of nuclear power, she shows how it is not a truly viable option.

Starting with an examination of the “carbon footprint” of nuclear energy, she shows how enormous the mining and manufacturing costs associated with nuclear energy truly are. Far from being “clean energy” nuclear power is shown to be  among the dirtiest of options.

Dr. Caldicott then examines the health impacts associated with nuclear power and reveals real death and disease consequences which nuclear industry “experts” continually downplay at the expense of public health. (Children near to nuclear power plants develop leukemia as a matter of course).

Finally she shows that problems with waste disposal and security pose an ever-growing threat to every living thing on the planet.


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