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Radiation Shielding

Radiation Shielding

radiation shielding

When most people think of radiation shielding, they might think of the protective clothing worn by nuclear power plant workers or x-ray technicians. Some might even go so far as to think of radiation shielding as the amount of earth or metal required for protection in the event of nuclear war. However, what is most relevant to most people is radiation shielding from EMF or the electromagnetic frequencies associated with modern-day technology, both digital and otherwise.

Radiation Shielding For Cell Phones

By now, almost everyone has heard of the link between cell phone usage and brain cancer. This is thought to be due primarily to microwave radiation emitted from cell phones in close proximity to brain tissue when held close to the ear.  The amount of exposure can be lowered dramatically simply by holding the phone away from the ear, according the the inverse square law, which says the intensity of the radiation is inversely proportional to the square of the distance. In other words, if a cell phone is held 1.5″ away from the ear, the distance from the brain is doubled, so the microwave radiation is only 25% of what it was when held right against the ear. However, people may habitually forget this fact, or press the phone to their ear in a noisy room, so another solution is needed.

radiation shielding

Fortunately there are good products out there. The Cell Guard by Gia both increases the distance from the brain and disrupts the offending frequencies. Their companion product, the air tube headset has advantages over standard headsets and Bluetooth in that it brings sound to the ear through a tube, thus eliminating direct exposure to electromagnetic frequencies and microwave radiation.

Radiation Shielding From Other Electronic Devices

Although cell phones get all the press, the fact is that with the profusion of electronic devices, we are being continually bathed in a “soup” of various frequencies of electromagnetic radiation, from cell towers, to “smart meters”, to personal computers to WiFi antennae. For this reason, people are becoming interested in additional forms of radiation shielding.

Radiation Shielding: Faraday Cages

The Faraday cage was invented by Michael Faraday (22 September 1791 – 25 August 1867) when he discovered that radiation shielding of electromagnetic radiation could be accomplished with wire mesh or screen. Many people are familiar with this principle as it is used to keep radiation within a microwave oven. The same radiation shielding principle can be used to keep electromagnetic radiation out, as well.

radiation shielding

Alternatives To Radiation Shielding

Often the answer to radiation shielding may be found by simply reducing exposure. Consider putting your cell phone in “airplane mode” when you don’t want to receive calls and it will stop transmitting. Consider turning off your WiFi router when you go to sleep at night, or at least placing it in a location distant from the sleeping area. Consider purchasing a grounding wrist strap (available at your local Radio Shack) to reduce the effects of electromagnetic radiation while you work on your computer.

Simple Radiation Protection Steps: