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relationship quiz

Why take a relationship quiz?

relationship quiz

Do you have the quality of connection you desire?

Does your relationship make you feel like a hamster on a wheel? Would you like to get off it?

This feeling comes from repeated relationship patterns that don’t work for you and your partner and cause dis-satisfaction. We get caught up on the wheel of life and our satisfactions and dis-satisfactions are felt, and then disappear into what ever else requires our attention in the next moment of life. As a result of this pattern we become like the proverbial rat on the rotating wheel, with the same ups and downs getting repeated over and over. A relationship quiz will let you know where you are at with your relationship.

If you answer is yes to the question then take the IPL Relationship Quiz.

Break through the stagnation and have the best relationship possible.

A relationship quiz gives us a status report. It is a State of the Relationship report. Because a relationship quiz gets expressed in figures, when you do one again some time later, you can see if your relationship has improved, stayed the same, or degenerated. A relationship quiz thereby alerts you to where you need to do more work on your relationship, where you need to acknowledge the work you and your partner have already done, allowing you to express appreciation for it. It also shows where you are stagnating and need to put your attention on creating change.

Take the IPL Relationship Quiz

Receive a document that will enable you to discuss with your partner, item by item, the areas of your satisfaction and dis-satisfaction in the relationship.

One of the most important benefits of a relationship quiz is that it creates a forum in which you and your partner can discuss your relationship and determine what changes you each want, from yourself, from your partner and for your relationship. With the relationship quiz in hand, you can discuss each item as to whether you are satisfied or want changes and what those changes might be.

Take the IPL Relationship Quiz

Learn if you need professional help or not
The results provided by a relationship quiz will indicate to you if you need outside professional help. Needing professional help does not necessarily mean that your relationship is in trouble. It could mean that but it could also mean that you are stuck and just want a helping hand to up-level your relationship so that it becomes a source of more satisfaction, more growth, and more harmony and intimate connection.

Take the IPL Relationship Quiz

If you are creating an Conscious Relationship, learn quickly where you need to put your attention.

Perhaps you are doing very well, but want to use your relationship for the purpose of your personal and spiritual evolution and for the evolution of the relationship itself. You want a conscious relationship. As high as you can go is how high you want to go. Taking a relationship quiz is one step towards achieving this goal.

Take the IPL Relationship Quiz

relationship quiz